Turn Your Developers Into AppSec Champions

Involve your developers as equal partners in your AppSec program to establish trust and ensure secure software development.
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The Codebashing way

Dynamic lessons

Developer-first, our lessons are designed for how developers work, with customisable learning paths and the largest, most up-to-date training library across all major languages.

Secure code,
first write

Keep security embedded at the first phase of your SDLC: your devs’ brains.

Devs stay focused and fast

Just-in-time alerts, short, snackable lessons and contextual learning mean less mental overload and interruptions for your busy dev teams.

Fun and engaging

Codebashing’s gamification, missions, and competitions build team bonds and spark joy.

Mindful of speed and efficiency

5 Min training

are as fast as devs

2 Hr per week saved

in vulnerable code rewrites

104 Hr saved

per dev per year
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Checkmarx is the leading AppSec provider, offering the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-native platform, Checkmarx OneTM. Their products and services let enterprises shift everywhere, to secure every phase of development for every application while also balancing the dynamic needs of CISOs, security teams, and dev teams.
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Codebashers are talking

“The value in Codebashing is that the training is relevant, the developers find it interesting, and the concept resonates because it’s gamified and the lessons are bite-size, so it’s easy to consume. It’s timely and relevant, and helps them write better code.”
“Codebashing helped save two hours per developer per week from not wondering if a code was vulnerable and taking the necessary steps to remedy the issue. The time savings translated to savings of 104,000 hours annually and 1.7 million Euros annually through increased employee productivity.”
European Financial Services Institution
“Codebashing’s friendly user interface, expansive set of lessons, board language coverage and valuable educational information stood against the two other competitors… Codebashing ensures that developers understand the (Checkmarx) findings, how to fix them, and why coding securely is crucial throughout the SDLC to build secure applications.”
Dr George Perkins
Application Security Specialist
“(SAST and) Codebashing provides secure coding training to developers, the platform provides a complete solution for organizations of any size. It also has several integrations such as Jenkins, VisualStudio, and Eclipse that many developers like.”
Senior Security Architect, Finance
“This is a very cool and friendly training and learning platform.”
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