Do I need flash to run your training?

No Video, no Flash. (we like to think of it as our gift to the AppSec training world)

I’m a Small Business With a Small Dev Team

We know that for small businesses effective secure development training is either prohibitively expensive (instructor led training) or boring as hell (video based training). That’s why we’ve made a bespoke small business group license available at a cost-effective pricing.

I’m a Student, is Codebashing a good choice for me?

Studying computer science, software engineering or a related degree? We can tell you as a certainty, that knowing and talking confidently about Application Security will give you’re career a kick-start, because for businesses AppSec is a headache when not done well, many of the worlds headline data-breaches are as a result of AppSec fails that we cover in detail in our course content.

Do you cover the OWASP top 10

Of course, and more!

Is your content programming language specific?

Yes, always.

How many modules do you cover per programming language?

At least the top 20 per language.

I’m an individual, can I buy your product for myself?

Although we cater primarily for the enterprise but we have an individual Student Edition, see the bottom of the pricing page for details.

What is Codebashing’s licensing model?

For businesses we offer either a site-wide, unlimited-seat, unlimited use license option OR a per user license option.

Do you offer volume discounting for larger teams?

Yes – Our volume discounting kicks in at 50 users, and for very large teams we recommend site-wide unlimited use licences.

What is the minimum licence commitment and subscription term?

There is no minimum licences commitment, and our subscription terms are 12 months.

Do you offer government/public sector discounts?

Yes – We offer government/public sector discount, as well as discounts for the Education sector, so please get in touch.