A privately owned Cyber Security education technology start-up, headquartered in London, UK.  Codebashing was founded by Gyan Chawdhary CTO in February, 2015.  Our SaaS platform is built specifically to train, refresh and validate Software Developers and DevOps personnel on Application Security and Secure Coding principles; helping business to develop and maintain more secure software and applications.  Codebashing achieves this through a purpose-built platform for developers that is time-efficient, game-like, and provides hands-on vulnerable applications to interact with… providing insight into how common vulnerabilities manifest within the application stack.

Today Codebashing is used as an Application Security training and engagement tool by customers across North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Key People

John YeoJohn Yeo
CEO & Co-Founder
Gyan ChawdharyGyan Chawdhary
CTO & Founder


Roei ErezRoei Erez
VP, Engineering
Peter YeoPeter Yeo
VP, Customer Success